Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Internet World (part 1)


Posted by Rene Volpi via  Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw!

Time to fill your noggin with a slew of interesting tidbits about the internet, courtesy of a fun infographic by Focus.com. Now the next time one of your buddies asks, “Hey, what’s going on with the internet?,” you will know all the answers. You’re welcome.
Full graphic at Focus.
All the top tech news.

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  1. I'd like to make a rare first comment on my own post because I find it incredible that Japan have beatings us so badly with their fantastic (compared to us) speeds. I mean, 61 MBPS? while we have barely managed to make it to 4.8 MPBS? I must tip my hat to them, they are obviously doing something right! Could it be possible that they have gotten so advanced because they are not using Microsoft? (Don't cry for me Argentina --read Westerners--they must be singing in Gates' dreams)
    But no need to answer that. Ok, stay tuned for tomorrow's part 2 of The Internet World, or should I have titled it Internet Wars? Hmmm...probably.


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