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Twilight zone? No, it's Cuba

Posted by René Volpi on August 7th, 2010

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Havana's lessons in green living

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CHANGE: "Economy and politics aside, seven days in Havana remind me of how easy it is to go green at the individual and societal levels." More »

Colombian Singer Juanes Responds to Critics In Advance of Cuban Concert

Popular 1 Comments

NEWS: "I'm fed up with us asking one another whether we're Muslim, gay, Cuban, or Venezuelan." More »

Why Travel Is The Most Patriotic Act You Can Do


SPIRIT: Julie Collazo explains how visiting Cuba makes her a true patriot. More »

How to Travel To and From Cuba

Popular 12 Comments

TRAVEL WRITING: Matador’s Cuba Expert, Julie Schwietert, gives you all the planning tools you’ll need for getting to and from Cuba. More »

From the Editor: Viva the Embargo?

Popular 3 Comments

NEWS: Not for long, it seems. Political momentum is building in Washington, D.C. to relax restrictions against Cuba--including travel. More »

Photo Essay: Cycling Cuba

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TRIP IDEAS: In his triumphant return, Trips' co-editor Carlo Alcos shares some shots from his five week cycling tour of Cuba. More »

Studying Medicine in the Caribbean

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ABROAD: There’s a reason doctors in training at the Caribbean’s numerous medical schools don’t talk about their studies. More »

The 10 Hottest Nightlife Spots in Havana, Cuba

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NIGHTLIFE: From tragically touristy to totally local, our top 10 nightlife guide to Havana takes you to places that reveal Havana’s love of music, dance, and drink! More »

Obama Makes Good on Campaign Promises, Allows Travel & Money to Cuba

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NEWS: The foreign policy talk becomes tangible with the announcement of some new policies. More »

How to Budget Travel in Cuba

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TRIP IDEAS: Cuba is not cheap. You may have heard that before, but it's easy to forget. More »

New York Philharmonic to Perform in Cuba?


CHANGE: After playing North Korea last year, the NY Philharmonic prepares for the possibility of playing in Cuba. Is this a new form of diplomacy? More »

What Cuba Taught Us About Peak Oil

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SPIRIT: ... More »

Travel to Cuba--Legally

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NEWS: New York's Katonah Museum of Art offers US citizens the opportunity to travel to Cuba legally. More »

Orbitz Campaigns to End Cuba Travel Ban

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NEWS: And comes up with a genius business strategy in the process. More »

How To Travel to Cuba Legally As An American

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ABROAD: The first thing to know about legal travel to Cuba is that there are two licenses: a general license and a specific license.

  More »

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