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How to Find ANYTHING on the Internet (and MORE)

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Tips, tricks and resources to help you find that digital needle in the huge cyber-haystack.
Learning to navigate the World Wide Web effectively is an important skill, and there are lots of different ways for you to find the information you are looking for. Whilst the following list of tips and websites is by no means exhaustive – and we’ve missed out some massive topics such as travel, which deserve a post in their own right – they should be enough to get you started.

Read about Real Estate in th world for under 150K after the break

Using Google Operator Hacks
One of the things I love about Google is its clean layout – just type your query and hit enter. As well as the advanced search function, there are a load of operator hacks you can use to refine your search results. Check out the excellent Google Guide for a full list.
Here is a selection of some useful ones:
  • salsa -dance will find pages containing “salsa” but not “dance”
  • castle ~glossary will find pages containing glossaries and terminology related to “castle”
  • define:matador will bring up definitions of the word “matador”
  • ~crocodile will search for the word “crocodile” and similar words
  • lon sfo to book flights from London to San Francisco
  • delta flight 5778 to check the status of this flight
  • what time is it in New York to find out the time in this city
  • love site:www.matadornetwork.com/life to search only Matador Life for the word “love”
  • love -site:www.matadornetwork.com/life to exclude Matador Life results from your search for “love”
And don’t forget if you want to visit a site that is down, or that your company’s server won’t let you access, you can view the Cached version to see a Google snapshot of that page from when it was last crawled.
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Finally, if you’re fed up with all the annoying affiliate links clogging up the Google search results, check out Give Me Back My Google.
Online Research
Conducting online research is about more than just typing a few words into Google, even if you do know the operator hacks! There are a lot of resources out there to help you. Here’s how to find:
Biblical text: Find specific text from the Bible at BibleGateway.
Bibliography formatting: I’ve been using Easybib since my ninth-grade English teacher suggested it. Even if you know your style formatting from memory, this makes citing sources much easier with its instant ISBN lookup feature.
Books OnlineGoogle Books has a surprising number of free books available online, and includes search features which are great for research. It’s also worth checking out Project Gutenberg, which has freely available digital copies of over 33,000 previously published titles.
Court CasesLexisNexis has quite a few cases available for free.
Etymology: Find the root of any word at Etymoline.
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Human SourcesHelp a Reporter Out (HARO) is a service that lets you connect with people around the world who can give you information or quotes on topics you are researching.
Newspapers: Newspapers dating back hundreds of years are available at the Google News Archives, but you can also useLexisNexis if you’ve got a subscription or can log on via a university network.
Primary Materials from Around the World: TheUNESCO World Digital Library is a digital compendium of “significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.”
Scholarly SourcesGoogle Scholar is a compendium of thousands of research articles. Other good resources include the JSTOR database, and the excellent paid service, Questia.
And if you want to tap into the ‘digital brain’ of the Internet, use the twitter search feature and check out the most popular Google Insight stats to see what the online population are thinking about.
Note: If you are interested in learning more about research techniques and resources, theMatdorU New Media School has a Pro Module on How to Do Desk Research.

What Can $150k Buy in Real Estate Around the World?

08/23/10  Print This Post Print This Post   by David Miller Posted by René Volpi
With the global credit crunch spiraling into an economic crisis, here’s what $150k can buy you right now around the world.
Argentina: Centro, Buenos Aires
USD Price: $149,000
Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1
Notes / Link: This place is fully remodeled and right in El Centro, 2 blocks from Teatro Colon.
Chile: Villarrica, Region 9
USD Price: $110,000
Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3
Notes / Link: This house is in the town of Villarrica, and has world-class backcountry terrain all around.
Russia: Chystye Prudy Area, Moscow
USD Price: $152,000 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2
Notes / Link: Right in the center of Moscow.
South Africa: Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape
USD Price: $152,200 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3
Notes / Link: This pad has a barbecue, garden, and you’re close to one of the sickest surf spots in the world.
Australia: Deniliquin, New South Wales
USD Price: $144,400 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3
Notes / Links A full on 27-acre farm near thetown of Deniliquin. Extremely affordableAustralian home loans are also available.
Portugal: Evora, Alentejo
USD Price: $150,500 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1
Notes / Link: in sweet village of Viana do Alentejo.
Indonesia: Lovina, Bali
USD Price: $107,000 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2
Notes / Link: A straight-up private villa on Bali with mature palms / banana trees and some kind of ‘split level swimming pool’. Ridiculous.
Croatia: Porec, Istria
USD Price: $150,700 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2
Notes / Link: A 3-bedroom apartment with beach only 3 minutes away, along with the yacht marine of Cervar village.
Czech Republic: Prosek, Prague
USD Price: $144,000 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1
Notes / Link: A newly renovated apartment with 74 m2 of living space and a 6-minute commute via subway to the city center.
New Zealand: Foxton
USD Price: $125,500 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2
Funky designed4 bedroom home.

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